Devario regina

Devario regina from Ton Nga Chang waterfall in Hat Yai
© Jan Wirén

Devario regina Fowler 1934
Common Name:Queen Danio
Scientific Name:Devario regina
Origin:Found in Maeklong basin down into peninsular Thailand
Size:100mm. (4inches). S.L.
Comments:Rarely seen Danionin although it is quite common in Thailand and one would expect it to be exported to the UK. The number of orange stripes down the flanks can vary up to 6 . The bottom picture shows a typical biotope, which during the 'rainy season' can become a very fast flowing torrent. Other species often found in the same locality as Devario regina are. Puntius lateristriga, Rasbora paviei, various Poropuntius, Neolissochilus, Tor, Barilius, Nemacheilus, Schistura etc.