Devario acuticephala

Devario acuticephala Hora 1921
Scientific Name:Devario acuticephala
Origin:India. The example pictured, was caught in the Sadar Hills, Imphal River, Senapati Dist. Manipur.
Size:Grows to around 40mm S.L.
Comments:This small species of Devario has been positively placed in the Devario genus as the result of DNA sequencing by Dr D.Parichy. R.P.Barman (1) records this species as coming from the Imphal River. In a well planted aquarium, this species has a golden brown body and clear fins. It is very active and is probably a good "jumper" so a close fitting lid would be a probable advantage. Best kept as a small shoal of at least six fish. Dr Fang Kullander has also looked at this picture and the location details and concludes that it is likely to be Devario acuticephala. This species was first bred in July 2007 by the author.

(1) A Taxonomic revision of the Indo-Burmese species of Danio Hamilton Buchanan by R.P.Barman.