Danios & Devarios are pleased to place links with other aquatic organisations and their web sites. We envisage that in the fullness of time, other links will be added.   The web site of the Stood & District Aquarist Society - of which the author is a member. The web site of the Singapore Cichlid Community A superb gallery of pictures The web site of the Federation of British Aquatic Societies All you ever wanted to know about Corydoras and related genera. The web site of our good friends at Southend The U.K. No1 Fish keeping Magazine Dr Parichy is the genetics expert on Danios With over 2000 tanks of them, he certainly knows his Danios! Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The web site of Alexei Saunders of Denver Zoo. Alex is currently running a breeding programme to help in the conservation of the fishes of Madagascar. The site is still under development but as it evolves, more pictures of fish species will make it a very comprehensive work.
Steven Simpson Books Steven Simpson Books are the place to contact for books on fish. Their list of freshwater fishes numbers around 400. Browsing amongst the catalogue, you cannot fail to be impressed!
Federation of New Zealand Aquatic Societies The web site of the Federation of New Zealand Aquatic Societies.