Esomus danricus

Esomus danricus Hamilton 1822
Common Name:Flying barb
Scientific Name:Esomus danricus
Origin:Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.
Size:Quoted as growing to 13cm but a more realistic size would seem to be 8cm. Those we caught in India were only 5 or 6 cm and they seemed to be fairly adult.
Comments:This is a very active species and is able to jump to a considerable height. It is therefore necessary to have a well fitting lid on the tank. Members of the genus can easily be recognized by the very long barbles- on a 5cm fish, they can be as much as 1.5cm long. This species can also be found in brackish water.
I can find no reports of breeding success but similar conditions to those of breeding Danios would seem to be reasonable starting point.