Danio margaritatus

Newly laid egg

Egg after 30 minutes

Egg after 2 hours

Egg after 4 hours

Egg after 12 hours

Egg after 24 hours

Egg after 30 hours

Egg after 60 hours

Egg after 60 hours

Egg after 80 hours

Fry after 10 days

Danio margaritatus (Roberts 20071)
Common Name:Galaxy Rasbora, Celestial Pearl Danio
Scientific Name:Danio margaritatus
Origin:Originally found near Hopong Town in Myanmar. Now reported to be more widely distributed and one report of it being found in Thailand.
Size:Probably not greater than 25mm S.L.
Comments:This superb small species was first discovered in 2006. It was originally named in 2007 by Tyson Roberts as Celestichthys margaritatus. The first examples were sent out by Kamphol Udomritthiruj of Aquari Corp in Bangkok Thailand. Its striking colours have made it a 'must have' for many aquarists.

A paper published in Jan 2008 2 re assigned the species to the genus Danio. This was on the basis of a colour pattern common to all Danios (with the exception of D.erythromicron), osteological studies and phylogenetic analysis.

The first recorded breeding of this species was by Pete Liptrot and Paul Dixon of Bolton Aquarium. It was originally thought that this species would only breed in soft water but that has proved not to be the case. They breed quite happily in hard water and now many aquarists are breeding them. One of the most superb set of pictures of egg development by Dr Karel Zahradka of Prague shows clearly the embryo development. I am sure you will agree that this is a superb piece of photography and Karel is to be congratulated on his achievement.
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