Chela dadiburjori

Chela dadiburjori Menon 1952
Common Name:Dadio (Indian) or Orange hatchet fish.
Scientific Name:Chela dadiburjori
Size:3cm max
Comments:This is a hardy little species quite suited to cooler aquarium temperatures. Adult fish tend to be smaller than 3cm. The males can be identified by being slimmer and when inbreeding condition, are usually more highly coloured. Breeding can be accomplished by using a woollen mop or plant such a Hornwort, Ambulia etc. Adults will eat the eggs.
As can be seen by the pictures, there are two different colour forms. They co-exist and are found in Kerala.
Banarescu in 1997, recognised Neochela as a sub genus of Chela. C. dadiburjori was assigned to the sub genus but the nomenclature change has not been widely recognised.