Danio feegradei

Danio feegradei Hora 1937
Scientific Name:Danio feegradei
Size:60mm (2½ inches). S.L.
Comments:A stunning fish with gold spot markings on pale sky blue sides. There are about 12 to 14 along the lateral line and around eight below the lateral line. Males have an orange margin on the ventral and anal fins, whereas the female has white. Both have an orange spot behind the operculum. This species often has a dominant male fish and several others that are subservient. The dominant male always has the brightest colours however, a variation in degree of colouration is normal in this species as shown in the picture. First seen in the UK in mid 2005. Available due to more catching activities in Myanmar. Very pretty fish. Has now been bred in the UK using standard Danionin techniques