Devario ahlanderi

Devario ahlanderi Kullander and Noren 2022
Scientific Name:Devario ahlanderi
Size:Grows to around 80mm S.L.
Comments:This species first became available in late 2007. The specimens were about 50mm in standard length and have grown over the last six months or so to adults of about 80mm. Devario ahlanderi is a native of Sri Lanka and the west coast of India – some considerable distance from Myanmar. Now that the fish have grown, it can be seen that the fish does not resemble malabaricus either in colour, size or body shape and in my opinion is probably a colour morph of Devario brownii. Samples are with the LNHM for examination.
This is a very active species and should not be housed with slow moving 'nervous' fishes. It is an excellent jumper!
It is very gratifying to note that the recently described Devario ahlanderi is in fact a close relative of Devario browni