Danio erythromicron

© Graeme Robson

Danio erythromicron Annandal 1918
Scientific Name:Danio erythromicron
Origin:Myanmar. Lake Inle
Size:Grows to no more than 20mm TL
Comments:This is a very pretty species that will do well in a small species aquaria. It is tolerant of water conditions but will show its best colours in soft water. It is not a difficult species to spawn and raise. A detailed account of this can be found here.
Kottelat & Witte in 1999 reassigned Microrasbora erythromicron to the genus Danio on the basis of the Danionin notch in the lower jaw and a median process on the pleural rib of the fourth vertebrae. Dr Fang(1) was unable to find any specimens with the Danionin notch but confirmed the median process. (This is a derived character shared with Danio). Other characteristics with regard to bone structure and formation were dissimilar to those of Danio.

(1). Phylogenetic Analysis of the Asian Cyprinid Genus Danio. (Teleostei, Cyprinidae). Copea 2003.